Giving Back to the Deserving Women Around Us

Earlier this week, we asked you to nominate women in your life that are really feeling the impacts of COVID-19 and could use a little pick-me-up. We received over 500 nominations, and it's been both sobering and encouraging to read all your entries. So many of you are going above and beyond to serve your communities (nurses, healthcare workers), many of you have had major life events cancelled or postponed (weddings, graduations, baby showers), and some of you have lost a steady source of income. Many of you have just expressed appreciation for someone doing their best to stay positive and be a rock for others (mothers, co-workers, friends, family members). So many worthy women of these prizes. Seriously. These 25 gifts are just a small token of our support for all of you. 

Special thanks to everyone who nominated or was nominated. Can't believe the amount of responses (and the quality of nominations!) we received. We wish we could send you all free scrunchies, but we'll do the next best thing...offer you all FREE SHIPPING. Today's the last day for it, so if you'd like to treat yourself or your friend/sister/mother/co-worker, now's the time. 

If you see your post below, please DM @supercrush with your address to claim your prize! 

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