The Mother/Daughter Duo

Supercrush started by accident. In early 2018, Courtney (the daughter) came up with a crazy idea to make a scrunchie. Nothing was stopping her...except her inability to sew. So, she asked for help from Shelby (the mother) and the two made a few scrunchies for themselves, family, and a couple of friends. Word quickly started to spread about the quality of these scrunchies and soon they started to get orders from across Canada and the US. Shelby's spare room was transformed into a sewing studio and weekends were dedicated to production runs.

As orders increased and new ideas emerged, we grew our team and product line. We introduced four different sizes of scrunchies to suit different hair types—even kids' hair. After a year and a half, Courtney and Shelby started pursuing the business full time. In late 2019, we rebranded from the name Bunhead to Supercrush to become the business you see today. Thanks for being here.

Locally Sourced. Locally Made.

If there's one thing we've learned from being a small business, it's that supporting local is essential. Our supply chain is 99% Canadian so we can optimize sustainability and leave the lightest environmental footprint in all that we do. We have a commitment to use recyclable items for operations, minimize waste in production, and use locally sourced textiles and materials to make our products. And of course, everything is handmade in Vancouver.

Giving Back Locally

We love where we live and want to make a difference here. That's why we're super excited to partner with organizations that care about this city as much as we do. This includes supporting the arts, female entrepreneurship programs, women-centric initiatives and non-profit organizations that help mothers and children living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.