We're Supercrush...

We're Supercrush...

...and we want to (re)introduce ourselves.
We filmed an IGTV explaining why we went through the re-brand process, but we figured you still may have a few questions about why we chose the name Supercrush, what's new, and what you can expect from us going forward. 
Let's start with the name. Choosing a new name is no easy task and we went through a long process to find the perfect one. The new name had to check off a lot of boxes, and it did. We couldn't be happier with where we landed. 
What does Supercrush mean? It kind of means two things. First, it's how we want you to feel about the products we create. We want you to love them so much you have a supercrush on them! And second, our community is full of hardworking women—nurses, mothers, professionals, baristas, students, business owners, teachers, etc—and we want you to feel encouraged to go out and not only crush it but supercrush it in everything you do! 
Okay, so what's new? Well, for starters we've just launched the Super Skinnies, which are the perfect hybrid between a hair elastic and a scrunchie! We have a feeling they will become your newest staple. We've also upgraded our website which will hopefully make it easier for you to get to know us a bit better and for you to stock up on your favourite scrunchies. Our focus is still on making super high-quality scrunchies that are locally made. 
We're excited about the future of Supercrush and we hope you are too! We're looking forward to continuing to expand our collections and perhaps venturing outside of scrunchies...you'll have to wait and see! 
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Totally loving the look and feel of the new website! I think super skinnies will work great for my younger daughters hair. :)


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