What size scrunchie is right for me?

What size scrunchie is right for me?
We're glad you asked. We currently have three sizes available (four if you count the mini scrunchie in our Mommy + Me sets!) and they all work in most hair types. However, we did create each size with a unique purpose in mind, so read below to discover the best size for you! The good news is: you can't go wrong!
Regular Size: Our OG. This scrunchie was created for all-day comfort and hold. It has a super-strong elastic that will keep your hair up and out of your face from dawn to dusk. It's a classic.
Skinny Size: Our skinnies were originally created for ladies with shorter/finer hair, but they've grown in popularity with all different hair types. We use a tighter and thinner elastic than we do with the OGs, and a bit less fabric. This size is perfect for ladies with a bit less hair or for those looking for a more subtle in-hair look. 
Super Skinny Size: Our newest addition to the lineup! We use the same size elastic that we do for our skinny size, but less fabric. We like to think of our super skinnies as a hybrid between a hair tie and a scrunchie. They offer an even more subtle look than our skinnies and are perfect for pretty much any hairstyle.
 Still can't decide? Check out this video to compare each size in the same hairstyle. 

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