Working with KOTN to Divert Apparel Waste

Working with KOTN to Divert Apparel Waste

We’re so excited to have partnered with KOTN in an exciting initiative to tackle the growing problem of apparel waste. How? We’re up-cycling their unsellable apparel into high-quality hair accessories. 
It’s hard to even imagine, but in Canada, the average person throws out 81 pounds of textiles annually! This issue poses a challenge for consumers but even a larger question for retailers on how to who curb their apparel waste. Fashion brands find themselves in situations where they need to dispose of items not suitable for sale, and it is often cheaper for them to get rid of damaged apparel than try to repair them meaning a lot of clothing will end up in landfills.

KOTN, whom so many of you know as a Toronto-based ethical and essential clothing brand, has had a practice of donating their unsellable goods, but clothing donations aren’t always utilized and can still end up as waste. In effort to find a way to reuse their luxurious fabric and create something even better from it, they contacted us. We loved the challenge of harvesting the material from their incredibly soft, luxury clothing pieces and turning it into a lineup of handmade, one-of-a-kind scrunchies. 

What’s unique about these scrunchies is that no single one is the same. We were able to deconstruct KOTN’s garments to create a very colourful lineup of scrunchies. It’s so energizing to work with other brands prioritizing sustainability and it gets us excited for more opportunities like this in the future.

The scrunchies are now available exclusively in all KOTN locations in Canada, while supplies last. 
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