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Super. Natural. Dry Shampoo.

Introducing Super Powder.
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Great hair, uncomplicated.

Founded by a mother/daughter duo, our products are designed to help simplify your hair routine and make bad hair days a thing of the past.

super. natural.
Dry Shampoo

Perfect for in-between wash days, our all-natural dry shampoo conveniently absorbs oil and adds subtle volume in one easy step.

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Accessories for Every Hair Type

We know that your hair is unique. Whether it’s big and curly or short and fine, we’ve got your hair game covered.

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What the Supercrush Fam is Saying

As a hairstylist, I don’t think it gets much better than this! I’ve stopped using elastics because Supercrush scrunchies do the job all by themselves! I love the fact that they come in different sizes depending on your hair length and texture and I recommend them to every client who walks into our salon doors.


Supercrush scrunchies are the best scrunchies we’ve ever used! They keep their shape and keep our hair up and out of our faces for our 12 hour shifts—definitely the perfect scrunchies for nurses! We’ve owned some of these scrunchies for well over a year and they are still in perfect condition!


As a mom of 3 daughters my hair is usually last priority and ends up in a pony tail or messy bun. Other scrunchies I’ve used were either too tight or too loose, but Supercrush scrunchies, two wraps around my bun and it’s good for the entire day! I live for these scrunchies!

What’s So Super About Supercrush?
Super High-Quality

Every single Supercrush hair accessory is made using quality materials and tested for full-day durability.

Locally Made

All of our scrunchies and headbands are produced locally by our sewing team in Vancouver, Canada.

Responsibly Produced

We like to be as kind to the environment as you are to your hair. That's why we're committed to using recyclable items for operations and minimizing waste in production.